They love him really
Long time no speak! Since the last time I wrote on my Blog, there has been an awful lot happen, firstly I worked through my Gateways 1 & 2 assessments which are the brigades version of an NVQ or in NFRS terms, “becoming a competent firefighter” This involves reading through […]

Paul gives us the lowdown on on-call

Firstly Hi! A little bit about me and the background to my story; I am a tenacious, hardworking mum to three girls aged 13, 10 and 5 and currently working for Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service as a retained Firefighter in North Walsham and wholetime Fire Fighter on a temporary contract […]

Meet Elise…

What a busy summer it was for all of us! There was so many field, woodland and even house fires! I was tipped to the Horsford fire as relief a little while ago and at first it was hard to locate where the fire was, but the heat all around […]

Summer is over…

Declan and Chloe
Tissues at the ready ladies & gents it’s our last EVER installment from Dec, we just want to thank him for being our “guinea pig” and letting us try out this blogging lark on him, what a star! ⭐   Hi, it’s time for me to post my last blog, […]

and it’s a bye from Dec…

Paul Passing Out
Last time we heard from Paul, he told us what made him become a firefighter, his story continues telling us all about the process… And so it begins, it all starts with an interview with your watch manager, if that goes well and he feels you can commit the time […]

Paul’s journey to competent

These past few weeks Outwell station has been very busy. We’ve attended a number of calls ranging from RTC to building fires! My first major building fire was certainly an eye-opener into how much team-work is necessary in this job. We were at the incident for around 6 hours, and […]

Chloe sends a timely warning about the Welney Wash

Paul Worley
It’s time for a new blogger! Meet Paul, he’s 50 years young (his words not ours! 🤣) He’s only been retained for 2 years and wants to share his journey, what it’s like joining the Fire Service at 48! 01 December 2017 Hi everybody, my name is Paul, I am […]

The Worley diaries

Declan practising his throwbagging technique
“Since I got my BA qualification I have managed to pick up a couple of BA wears (using breathing apparatus at a fire.) They weren’t all that exciting as a lot of the smoke had cleared because of other teams work at the job. But it was still good experience […]

Declan’s messing around in the river…

Chloe using a hose
14 September 2017 Chloe’s adjusting to her new found fame, so it’s time for us to catch up with her and see what she’s been getting up to! This last week has been a really busy one for me. We attended a large fire at a recycling plant. l went […]

Chloe on fires and her radio appearance

Chloe in front of fire engine
14 August 2017 I’m Chloe, you might have seen me before on Declan’s blog or during my two week induction course, in all the photos that were featured on facebook. I have always had an interest in the fire service as my dad was a firefighter when I was young. […]

Chloe on Call

Jack dunked
21 July 2017 “I’ve been working really hard since I last put out a blog. I have passed my BA course which is brilliant!! It’s really tough but with some graft I managed it. We are really lucky because we use a building that the trainers can set real fires […]

Declan on passing his BA course

Bowthorpe aerial shot
13 June 2017 Our Declan has been busy over in the West of the County and these days, it’s like he’s been here forever – we caught up with him to see what he’d been up to lately. #DeclanOnDuty Norfolk fire service has an urban search and rescue team. We […]

Declan gets his first experience of the urban search and ...

Declan on the colour run
25 May 2017 Latest instalment from our Dec, definitely proving that life as a Firefighter can be colourful at times. “Do you fancy supporting a worthy cause by helping out with the colour dash at the weekend?” Rob (my Watch Manager) asked. It sounded like fun so armed with my […]

Declan runs for colour!

Declan with other retained firefighters
05 April 2017 In the west Norfolk area there are quite a few new firefighters. Some were on the last course a few weeks ago. As a new fire fighter we do a lot of training in the basics. On Monday night I had the opportunity to train with some of […]

When Declan met Chloe

Declan in water rescue gear
On Monday night I got my first taste of water rescue training. I also discovered that you don’t need a river to practise water rescue techniques, apparently all you need is a drill yard and some imagination! We covered some of the things I may be asked to help with […]

Declan imagines a water rescue!

Recruits at training school
03 March 2017 I really enjoyed working at the shop but fancied a bit of a change. A friend of mine owns his own barbers and offered me an apprenticeship which sounded great to me as I love a haircut. I was really worried as this would affect some of […]

Declan’s changing the day job

Declan at a job
We have drill nights every Monday night. They are really good as we get to practise using the kit we have, ready for when we have to use it for real. On Monday night we did some training with the whole time that were on duty. They had set up […]

Declan on drill nights

Last week was a really busy week for me. My day job is in River Island, I help customers and sort stock so I’d been there during the week. River Island has agreed that if I get a shout and my alerter goes off I can go which is really […]

Getting to know Declan

Declans crew at Kings Lynn
I went to the College of West Anglia to study uniformed services. We worked with all the different services and armed forces but the only thing that really appealed to me was the fire service. It wasn’t just the kicking doors down and putting fires out, but the fact that […]

Declan on Duty