Declan gets his first experience of the urban search and rescue team

13 June 2017

Our Declan has been busy over in the West of the County and these days, it’s like he’s been here forever – we caught up with him to see what he’d been up to lately. #DeclanOnDuty

Bowthorpe aerial shot

Norfolk fire service has an urban search and rescue team. We were lucky enough as a crew to get to attend a visit where they could show us what they can do. Apart from the water and animal rescue kit which we also have at Kings Lynn they have some excellent gear to deal with building collapse. Not just to get into buildings but stuff to hear and see what’s inside.

Snake eye is a camera that they can use to look through cracks, they also have another camera that has a microphone and speakers in the end so they can talk to anyone trapped in a building to let them know how they are going to get them out.

There’s airbags and hydraulic lifting equipment that can lift up trains and they have cutting gear that can cut through anything. We were allowed to try some of the stuff but not this!! I think they were worried that I would cut through the truck.

Next thing is my breathing apparatus course. It’s supposed to be a really good but hard course. We have a new training facility that we can set fire to, to simulate real building fires. Fingers crossed I pass!