Declan’s changing the day job

03 March 2017
I really enjoyed working at the shop but fancied a bit of a change. A friend of mine owns his own barbers and offered me an apprenticeship which sounded great to me as I love a haircut. I was really worried as this would affect some of the cover I could give. I spoke to Rob (my watch manager,) about it and we came to sort out how it might change. He said that so long as I can keep up most of the cover I give then we’ll be ok.

Most of my cover is going to be the same just one of the days is going to change so he was happy with that, he has even offered some of the crew to practise cutting hair on.

This week at drill we did some scenarios including a house fire with 2 people that needed rescuing from the first floor. Although I am not trained yet to use breathing apparatus I used loads of the things that I learnt on my initial course. I was on the crew that put the ladder up and had to lay out loads of hose as well. I can see why you spend so much time getting the basics right at training school, it then comes a lot more naturally when you have to do it on station.

I know there’s a course in a few weeks so I know there will be some new fire fighters working hard for 2 weeks.

Recruits at training school