Declan on passing his BA course

21 July 2017

“I’ve been working really hard since I last put out a blog.

I have passed my BA course which is brilliant!! It’s really tough but with some graft I managed it. We are really lucky because we use a building that the trainers can set real fires in. It’s my first real taste of what it’s like to be in a building fire, and I can tell you it’s very hot!!. I’m really glad I have passed the course. I haven’t had to use those skills for real yet. I know that when I do I will be partnered up with one of the more experienced fire fighters which we have lots of at Kings Lynn.

One of our crew has left to join the RAF. His last drill night we gave him a good send off, he was dunked into the dam we were pumping from. I wish him well.

Jack dunked

I have also been involved with a recruitment drive recently. I was interviewed for “Your Local Paper” to hopefully get some more retained recruits. I did the interview with a Firefighter called Chloe from Outwell. I have done some training with her in the past. I know she has worked really hard to get into the fire service and she will be starting her own blog soon to tell you about it. Here is a picture of her crew.”

Chloes crew at Outwell