When Declan met Chloe

05 April 2017

In the west Norfolk area there are quite a few new firefighters. Some were on the last course a few weeks ago. As a new fire fighter we do a lot of training in the basics. On Monday night I had the opportunity to train with some of the new firefighters that were on the most recent course. Chloe from Outwell and Joe from Heacham. It went really well I like working with new people. Apparently we’ll be doing it quite a bit over the next few months which will be good. We did all have to go out on a shout and left Chloe and Joe behind. I don’t think they’re still waiting in the yard?? 😉

By that time we’d been throwing ladders around for quite a while so they headed back to Outwell and Heacham. We weren’t out on the shout for too long and came back to do some of our standard tests and my fitness test. It’s just a step test and I sailed through so I’m pleased with that. Even the old boys didn’t struggle so I would have been surprised if I had.

We even had time for another shout so a very busy night all in all. Absolutely loving it at the moment.Declan with other retained firefighters