Declan runs for colour!

25 MayDeclan on the colour run 2017
Latest instalment from our Dec, definitely proving that life as a Firefighter can be colourful at times.

“Do you fancy supporting a worthy cause by helping out with the colour dash at the weekend?” Rob (my Watch Manager) asked. It sounded like fun so armed with my trainers and shorts I turned up ready for action. What I wasn’t ready for was getting covered head to foot with dry paint by an army of volunteers whilst running 5KM with 650 other runners through Kings Lynn. And contrary to popular belief kids are ninja at hitting you in the face with it. But it was for a worthwhile cause and we also had the “opportunity” to clean up afterwards as well. Lucky, lucky us 😀 😀 We had so much fun, a lot of money was raised and more bonding time with my crew. There is a link below if anyone wants to donate anything. And just before we were about to have a well earned coffee we got a shout, a car fire on the A47. We were there in minutes and it was dealt with quickly so the road didn’t have to be shut for too long. And the police weren’t even slightly put off by my blue and orange face! 😉