Declan on drill nights

Declan at a jobWe have drill nights every Monday night. They are really good as we get to practise using the kit we have, ready for when we have to use it for real.

On Monday night we did some training with the whole time that were on duty. They had set up an exercise for us off station. We went to the docks to practise using the pumps to pump water. If there was a large incident we would need more water than a fire engine carries.

I really enjoyed working with the other crews. They have years and years of experience between them and I learnt a lot.

It was the first time that I had done any training off station and it makes a difference as you have to think more practically and be aware of what’s around you a lot more – like people, cars, animals – any hazards, that type of thing.

It has been a bit quieter for fire calls over the last week or so which I’ve been told to expect from time to time but after a really busy weekend the other week I’m glad of the rest!